What is Yoga for Congo?

Yoga for Congo Women is a one hour, beginner-level yoga event that benefits women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ?The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to some of the world’s richest resources, and also the world’s deadliest war. ?Millions have died, yet?the conflict is rarely reported. ?Congo is widely termed the worst place on earth to be a woman, because warring militias compete to be the most brutal, and thus the most feared. ?They take this brutality out on women, deliberately, in the form of brutal rape. ?This destroys the fabric of their society.

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Yoga for Congo Women?is designed to enable each of us to make a difference in this atrocity. ?In only one hour, you can make all the difference for a woman in Congo. Participants can join this yoga event from the comfort of their own homes, around the world, as they?unite together to raise awareness and to support the survivors of these atrocities. ?The program contains far more than yoga. ?It contains information about Congo, what is being done, and hope for the future. ?Many participants have told us that this one hour changes their lives forever.

Who are you?

Yoga for Congo Women was created by myself,?Ann Richmond, and my?husband, Matthew. ?I am a yoga instructor and an Ambassador for?Women for Women International.

Ann Richmond, Founder of Yoga for Congo

As a yogi, I take the seva challenge very seriously. ?Because of this, the bulk of my time as an instructor has been spent providing yoga to battered and homeless women. ?I have spent years instructing traumatized women privately, as well. ?Through these experiences, I know how healing yoga can be.

Appalled at the atrocities in the Congo, and inspired by women like Zainab Salbi and Lisa Shannon, my husband and I?decided to act.? Once we knew of the horrifying situation in the Congo, we had to do something to help.

After participating in a Run for Congo Women, we knew that many compassionate, caring people could help the women of the Congo through yoga, as well.?? Since beginning in 2010, Yoga for Congo Women has grown and spread, moving?from city-wide events to world-wide events. ?We couldn’t be more thrilled. ?We want to do everything we can to connect with others in making a difference.


What good will this event do?

100% of the proceeds of this event (i.e., all funds gathered from donations, sponsors, etc.) will go to sponsoring Congolese women through Women for Women International’s Congo program. The women sponsored through this event will enter a one-year program through Women for Women, which will include rights awareness training, literacy and skills training, food, medicine, and clothing, as well as emotional assistance to recover and heal from the atrocities they have experienced.


Upon completion of the program, they will receive seed money to begin their own small businesses, so that they may continue to sustain themselves and their families. This program could literally change and save their lives, and the lives of their children. To learn more about the program that Women for Women provides for these women, visit the Women for Women website. ?To meet the women already sponsored through our program, visit them here.