Yoga is an activity that we usually do for ourselves. On this day, we will join together worldwide in a yoga practice not to help ourselves, but to help others.

So…what is this?
Yoga for Congo Women is a one hour, beginner-level yoga event that benefits women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a place?widely termed the worst place on earth to be a woman, because warring militias compete to be the most brutal, and thus the most feared. ?They take this brutality out on women in the form of horrific gang?rape. ?This destroys the fabric of their society. ?Yoga for Congo Women?is designed to enable each of us to make a difference in this atrocity. ?In only one hour, you can make all the difference for a woman in Congo. Participants can join this yoga event from the comfort of their own homes, around the world, as they?unite together to raise awareness and to support the survivors of these atrocities. ?The program contains far more than yoga. ?It contains information about Congo, what is being done, and hope for the future. ?Many participants have told us that this one hour changes their lives forever.
When is the next event going to happen?
We are preparing for our next event. ?It will take place Fall 2015. ?To be notified when the event will take place, follow us on Facebook.
How much should I donate when I participate?
Any donation is accepted, with our thanks. Please donate what you feel able to. Any amount is tremendously helpful. Here are some examples of how your donation can help:
$5 provides the seed money that is set aside for one month for one sister. At the end of her year-long program, each $5 monthly savings adds up to a $60 seed-money investment in her new business.
$30 provides one month of a life-changing and life-saving program for a new sister.
$90 provides 3 months of a program through Women for Women for a new sister. During this time, she will begin to receive help for the trauma she has endured, literacy skills, rights-awareness, and skill-specific training.
$360 will provide an entire year in the WfW program for one sister. This program can literally mean the difference between life and death for her and for her children. This will change everything for her!
If you would like to donate now, you may do so here:

Where does the money go?
100% of the donations raised go to sponsoring women through Women for Women International?s Congo Program.? All presenters of the event are doing so on a completely voluntary basis. ALL proceeds go to sponsoring women in the Congo. ?Meet sisters we’ve already sponsored here.
How do I know the money goes to the Congo?
Women for Women International is an established, respected, and well-vetted organization. Their programs work and the work they do is miraculous. All proceeds go directly to sponsoring women in their Congo program. If you have questions regarding their programs and what they do for the women they serve, please explore their website.
I?ve never done yoga before.
Doesn’t matter! ?Welcome, you’re in for a treat. ?The yoga will be beginner-level. ?
How long will the yoga session last?
The yoga session will last for one hour. ?The broadcast is usually available for about 24 hours.
It says “Yoga for Congo Women.” ?Are men invited? ?
Yes! ?Come one, come all.
Why aren’t you helping Congolese men or children? ?Why only women?
While men and children are also suffering greatly, women are being brutalized above all. ?The need is much more dire. ?By educating women, children are also being assisted. ?”You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” ?Women are more likely to pass knowledge and money on to their children than men. ?Many participants report using their stipend on school fees and food for their children. ?Women for Women also has outreach programs for men in Congo, to help them?improve their knowledge about health, social, and economic issues that can negatively affect women.
I want my child(ren) to participate. Is there an age requirement?
There is no age requirement, but some of the material discussed is of an unsettling nature, due to the situation in the Congo. Violent topics, including gang rape, will be mentioned openly.? Please use your best judgement on whether or not to allow your child to view the broadcast with you.
If I have never done yoga before, is this event something I can still participate meaningfully in?
Of course. It may be all the more meaningful for you, as you will be doing something you have never done before, to benefit someone else. If you are new to yoga, do not worry. The yoga presented will be directed towards early and moderate beginners, and some modifications will also be presented. Please join us, even if yoga is new to you. The majority of our participants at all of our events are new to yoga.
If I am proficient at yoga, will I find meaning in the event?
Yes! You will not find the instructor pushing your yoga limits or correcting your form, but you will unite together with others in a powerful, life-changing event.
What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing. Make sure it is not too tight, but also not too loose or cumbersome. A t-shirt and comfortable pants are a good idea.
What do I need to have?with me?
It is strongly recommended that you have?a yoga mat with you. Other yoga props are optional, but not necessary. As this event is much more about awareness and healing for the Congo than it is about yoga, the poses presented will already be modified to be accessible even to beginners, and props will not be required. A mat will be useful, however, as it will provide you with stability and a personal space. Mats can be purchased relatively inexpensively at sporting goods and department stores.??
I don?t understand Sanskrit asana (pose) names. I?m afraid I?ll feel lost.
That?s just fine. English names will be presented for each pose, as well as instructions on how to do them.?
What can I expect to experience during this event?
Yoga is a powerful experience, particularly when done with other people. It can be emotional. This event may possibly trigger an emotional response, as you will hear information about the lives you are changing while moving through the yoga practice. This is a common reaction. Physically, the practice may range from relaxing to slightly demanding at times, depending on your abilities, but it will be all the more rewarding as you experience that in order to help another person. We are well aware and fully understanding that many participants will be new to yoga. Please do not be concerned.
How can I spread the word about the Congo and this event?
Visit our “What you can do to help”?page to find out more about what you can do.
What level and type of yoga will be presented at this event?
Mainly beginner-level Iyengar-style yoga. One facet of Iyengar yoga that we love is the belief that yoga can be accessible to anyone, regardless of physical ability. You will find some elements of other yoga styles woven in as well, and exact attention to form will not be part of the presentation. The point of the yoga at this event is accessibility and awareness of the needs of others.
What if I have specific health concerns?
Please consult with your physician before participating, if there?s any question. Never push your body further than feels right with any practice. ?No one session can fit all possible needs, and we cannot assume any liability for any injury or damage that may occur. ?Please use your best judgement and consult a physician if you have concerns.
Where can I learn about past events?
You are invited to view photos of past events on Facebook.
How can I raise money to help the women and families in the Congo?
Invite a group to participate in the broadcast with you, and encourage all participants to donate. See for more ideas on how you can create your own fundraiser.