All of the proceeds of Yoga for Congo Women are used to sponsor women in DR Congo through Women for Women International.

So far, the money raised has been divided into two parts.? Part has gone directly to sponsoring Congolese women.? The other part has gone to Women for Women’s program in the Congo, as it costs far more for WfW to run their remarkable program than a sponsorship can cover.

We’d love for you to meet the women who have been sponsored so far.? These women will have a new life, thanks to YOU. ? (Only first names and basic details will be given on this site.)

With your help, we hope to be able to sponsor many, many more of our sisters in the Congo.

100% of the proceeds of this event will be used?to sponsor Congolese women through Women for Women International?s Congo program.

The women sponsored through this event will enter a one-year program through Women for Women, which will include rights awareness training, literacy and skills training, food, medicine, and clothing, as well as emotional assistance to recover and heal from the atrocities they have experienced. Upon completion of the program, they will receive seed money to begin their own small businesses, so that they may continue to sustain themselves and their families. This program could literally change and save their lives, and the lives of their children. To learn more about the program that Women for Women provides for these women, or to sponsor your own sister, please visit the Women for Women website.

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Salt Lake City 2011

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