Now that you know, you can act.? Here are just a few of the ways you can help the women of the Congo.

Participate in our upcoming worldwide event
Take it a step further: invite friends to join you, or even contact us about being featured in the worldwide broadcast! To make this a truly worldwide event, we need all the help we can get.
Spread the word
Use social media to show your friends that this is a big deal to you. ?Follow us on Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same. ?Once the event has been posted, invite your friends.
Go conflict free
Never heard of conflict minerals? Visit the Enough Project to learn more. This is a crucial facet to?ending the conflict and brutality in Congo.
Sponsor your own Congolese sister
Visit Women for Women to sponsor your own sister from Congo for only $30 a month. ?(If you put “Democratic Republic of Congo” in all three spaces, your chances of getting a Congolese sister are pretty high.)
Your donations, big or small, make an enormous impact. ?To donate now, click here:

Shop with companies that support Congo
“Every time you spend money
you are casting a vote
for the kind of world that you want.”

– Anna Lapee

Please consider supporting these wonderful companies that are doing a world of good for Congo:


Thank you.